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work for my printmaking final. Intaglio, relief, and stenciled.

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"Noelle Stevenson is a comic artist and illustrator, creator of the webcomic NIMONA, based in Los Angeles…" - Full Bio at TCAF site

Artist’s Website:

TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 9-11, 2014, in Toronto, Canada. More at


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"there is no hand-walking a rehabbing horse there is only hand-airs-above-the-ground"

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Sooo, They’re kind of awesome. And hardcore. I respect that. They’re just a exothermic species livin’ in a.. um cold world not super friendly towards exotherms.

How do they stay warm? They like to relax, as everyone does, in some mountain hotsprings! where they eat fish and amphibians and such. 

Chillin (or not) in a nice hotsping for life. Pretty awesome. 

Also they are cool looking. Which is important.


It’s bad how few harmless snakes I know compared to the number of venomous ones. But I an genuinely interest in the science of venom. I’d love to study it if I weren’t so terrible at chemistry.

I don’t like pit vipers much; they look, ironically enough too primitive for my aesthitics, but i do like lots of regular vipers, buut there are some awesome colubridae snakes too. so one of those is my fav family.

also I’m only getting down the binomial names for the  venomous ones. Except the rattler’s and american snakes. 

fer-de-lance viper - Bothrops asper

eyelash viper - Bothriechis schlegelii

russel’s viper - Daboia russelii

boomslang - Dispholidus typus

Gaboon viper - Bitis gabonica

Death adder - Acanthophis antarcticus

brown tree snake - Boiga irregularis

vine snake -  Oxybelis fulgidus

green mamba:

       Eastern - Dendroaspis angusticeps

       Western - Dendroaspis viridis

black mamba - Dendroaspis polylepis

European asp - Vipera aspis

King cobra - Ophiophagus hannah

Egyptian cobra - Naja haje

Monocoled cobra - Naja kaouthia

spectacled cobra (aka indian cobra) - Naja naja

spitting cobra - lots of species 

olive* sea snake - Aipysurus laevis

sea krait - Laticauda colubrina

black-banded sea krait - Laticuada semifasciata

flying snake - 5 species in genus Chrysopelea

king brown - Pseudechis australis

tiger snake - Notechis scutatus

inland taipan - Oxyuranus microlepidotus**

coastal/common taipan - Oxyuranus scutellatus

hot sping snake - Thermophis baileyi***

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Great white shark - Carcharodon carcharias

Long-fin Mako - Isurus paucus

Shortfin Mako - Isurus oxyrinchus

Blue shark - Prionace glauca

Tiger shark - Galeocerdo cuvier

Bull Shark - Carcharhinus leucas

Lemon Shark - Negaprion brevirostris

Oceanic whitetip shark - Carcharhinus longimanus

Blacktip reef shark - Carcharhinus melanopterus

Cookiecutter shark - (a.k.a. cigar shark) Isistius brasiliensis

Six-gill - an entire genus of sharks - Hexanchus

Seven-gill - two species:

            Broadnosed - Notorynchus cepedianus

            Sharpnose - Heptranchias perlo

Basking shark - Cetorhinus maximus

Whale shark - Rhincodon typus

Greenland Shark -  Somniosus microcephalus

Great Hammerhead - Sphyrna mokarran

Scalloped Hammerhead - Sphyrna lewini

Common (more often smooth)  hammerhead Sphyrna zygaena

Thresher shark - three species, but I was likley thinking of the Common thresher shark - Alopias vulpinus

Goblin shark - Mitsukurina owstoni

Salmon shark - Lamna ditropis

Nurse shark - Ginglymostoma cirratum

Grey Nurse shark - a.k.a. sand tiger shark - Carcharias taurus

EDIT: just remembered:

Leopard shark -  Triakis semifasciata

so 23 24 sharks

Guitar fish - rays in the Rhinobatidae family

Cownose ray - Rhinoptera bonasus

Manta ray - Manta birostris

giant freshwater stingray - (I thought it was called something more like river ray) - Himantura polylepis

other rays and stingrays

various skates

but only 4 skates and rays. Although i can tell you the shape/draw many many more species of ray/skates.


water related birds of flight ish

Wandering albatross

ring billed gull

sea gull

arctic tern

blue footed booby


various pelicans


shoe-billed stork

great blue heron

green heron

sandhill crane

whooping crane


mallard duck, canada goose, 


sea eagle    golden eagle    bald eagle

peregrine falcon,    red-tailed hawk, goshawk


swifts, house sparrow, mockingbird, mourning dove, starling, lovebird, canaries, red-breasted robin, cardinal, blue jay, meadow lark,  some kind of pheasant, wild turkey, common pigeon, common dove, various tits, silver tipped/winged raven, common crow, other normal raven,


greater flamingo, lesser flamingo/common, various toucans, scarlet macaws, blue and gold macaws, princess of wales parrot, budgie, cockatiels , kinds of parakeets, 

Kia, koa, kiwi bird, lyre bird, various bowerbirds, peafowl, 

secretary bird, guinea-fowl, red something oxpecker, weaverbird, ibis (var. spcs), african grey parrot, 

Emperor penguin, rock-hopper penguin, fairy penguin, king penguin.


A list of horse breeds i could think of at one point in time (last week or the week before) Please do keep in mind that i do have an actual thing where i have a disability with memory recall, so i know i know more obvious ones, but that info is locked away right now (for example, i couldn’t think of clydesdales or quite a while)(or shires until just now) (81 thus far)

 A Akhal-teke, American Cream Draft, American Spotted Draft, Anglo-Arab, Appaloosa, Arabian, Australian Stock horse, Azteka, 

Belgian, Bashkir curly, British Spotted pony,

C  Calabrese,Camargue, Canadian Sport Horse, Caspian pony, Chincoteague pony, Clydesdale, (I semi-guessed Chilian horse, and i was reminded of Crillo, but i know i know the breed)

D Dales pony, Danish wb, Dartmoor pony, Dutch wb,

E Egyptian arab

F Finnhorse, Fjord pony, Frederiksborg, French trotter, Friesian,

G Gelderland, German wb, Gotland, Gypsy Vanner,

H Haflinger, Holstein(er),

I Icelandic, Irish Draft, Irish sport horse,

J Jutland,

K Kaimanawa (debatable) Kathiawari, Kiger mustang, Kinsky, Knabstrupper, 

L Laplander, Lippizaner, Lustiano,

M Missouri Fox Trotter, Morab, Morgan, Moyle, Mulassier, Mustang, 

N National Show Horse, Newfoundland Pony, Noriker, Norman Cob,

O Oldenburg, Orlov trotter

P (American) Paint, Percheron,

Q (American) Quarter horse,

R Rhinelander, Russian Heavy Draft, 

S Saddlebred, Salinero, Selle Francais, Shetland, Shire, Spanish barb, Standardbred, Swedish warmblood, Swiss Warmblood (a.k.a. Einsiedler)

T Tarpan (if you count the modern attempted recreation as a breed) Tennessee walking horse, Thoroughbred, Trakehner, Turkoman, Tursk,

W Warlander, Welsh cob, Westphalian, 

I’m missing breeds starting with U, V, X, and Z but wait isn’t there a breed from Venezuela? (or is that just a disease?) 

Also not sure all the various sub breeds should count. Like Egyptian arabs and kiger mustangs.



Assignment for Colour Exploration: Make a monochromatic mandala or shield like item.

I did: A sampling of various plankton. Done in w.c pencil crayons, just one turquoise blue with black and white added. monochromatic.

it took.. a long time. 

Species are:

far left long things: siphonophores

Top: shrimp

under that: Copepod

below/beside that: medusa with 4 tentacles

left of the medusa: solmaris

under the solmaris: another medusa

left of medusa2: lobate

above medusa2, beside solmaris: salp, or Ritteriella retract 

stuff I did for school.

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